How to Delete Facebook Watch History Permanently 2022

How to Delete Facebook Watch History Permanently 2022

Until now, you already know that Facebook keeps an eye on your browsing activity, like the posts you’ve liked, your interests, and much more. Facebook records everything just to make your user experience better and better.

However, Facebook allows users to delete their Facebook watch history from their accounts. Moreover, whatever your Facebook watched history is, no one can see what you’re watching and what your interests are.

Deleting the Facebook watch history isn’t much tedious and time-consuming. It may take a long time to delete the Facebook watch history; there is no option to delete the entire Facebook watch history within one click. You can do this both on your Facebook Android/IOS application and Facebook web version.

How Can You Delete Watch History On Facebook?

The watch history deletion procedure of the Facebook Android/IOS application and the Facebook web version are quite different. Below, we’re mentioning the steps to delete the watch history on the Facebook version.

  • First and foremost, you should open your Facebook on your PC. In other words, open your browser and login to your FB account.
  • You have to start the ‘Activity Log’ feature immediately in the next step. You can access this feature by clicking on the ‘Settings’ menu through Facebook.
  • Now, you’ll find the ‘Videos you’ve watched’ option, and you’ll find the list of videos, stories, and a lot more that you have watched, along with the date range.
  • Now, you have the freedom of clearing the entire Facebook watch history or deleting a particular video from the list. You’ll see an option ‘Clear Video Watch History,’ click on it, and one box will appear saying ‘Clear Video Watch History.’
  • By clicking on this option, your Facebook account’s entire video watch history will be deleted.

How Can You Delete The Watch History On Facebook Android App?

Honestly speaking, the process is similar but more easier. Have a look at the below steps.

  • Open the Facebook application on your smartphone and ensure you’re logged into your Facebook account.
  • Click on the three lines on the right-hand side and hit the ‘Settings’ option. Now, you’ll get the ‘Activity Log’ option; click on it.
  • Here, you don’t have the freedom to clear your entire Activity Log with just one click.
  • There are always three dots against each video, so you need to click on it and hit the ‘Clear History’ option.

Honestly speaking, clearing the watch history on the Facebook Android application is quite challenging compared to the Facebook web version.

Is It Possible To Recover The Deleted Watched History?

All the deleted watched history on Facebook cannot be recovered. Subsequently, we recommend that you delete the watch history of your Facebook attentively. Once the watch history is cleared, you cannot recover anything back. If you don’t want the watch history to be deleted, you can save your favorite videos and access them later.

Final Thoughts

These are some simple ways to delete the watch history on Facebook both via PC and Android. If you still have some doubts, please let us know in the comment section.

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